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What We Value

Darubini is the one of the top Kenyan companies solely specialised on Background Checks and Screening. We are commissioned to perform Vetting and Screening Services for candidates, pre-employment and during employment for Recruitment Agents, Companies, Businesses as well as Individuals. We exercise this with Professionalism, Due Diligence, Integrity and Confidentiality. Dependent upon the position within the Company, Candidates are requested to undergo Checks appropriate to the level of Position/Job for which they are being considered and regardless of whether they have been previously Vetted and Screened or not. We work closely with the Government, Forensic Experts, Law Enforcement Agencies, Recruitment Agencies, Employers and Academic Institutions to execute our exercise and ensure that results are delivered on time and with minimum impact to the resourcing process of the Client involved...more


  • Security of your homestead depends on the domestic workers you leave behind to take care of your family and property.

  • With Darubini, screening turnaround times is greatly improved over in-house screenings - As a result quality candidates are hired into the company at a faster rate.

  • If you're looking to take the risk out of renting then you should always carry out regular checks on your new and existing tenants.

  • We provide state-of-the-art tools to help you screen your candidates, verify CV content, check credit records, qualifications, driver’s licences and, criminal records.