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    Our Team

Our Team

Darubini's team comprise of highly qualified and experienced individuals who have acquired a wide wealth of knowledge from various sectors of the economy. Darubini is led by Ms. Hadija Mohamed Jama, the Director, who has previously worked for highly respected Financial Institutions throughout the Country.

Our highly trained personnel have long standing experience in Security Sector and Human Resource Management. With added knowledge in the Financial Industry for a number of years, the directors promise to use their vast and extensive knowledge in Human Resource, Entrepreneurship, Consultancy Services, Security Challenges, International experience to ensure that recruitment and screening is done to the highest standard.

Our Staff

DIRECTOR: Hadija Jama

She has more than 35 years of experience in Human Resource Management, formerly at CFC/Stanbic, Trade Bank and Citi Bank and member of the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) having attended the 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2019 Conferences in Los Angeles,Dallas, Las Vegas and Chicago respectively. She is the Company's Director. She ensures the balance of staff in terms of skills and experience for our organization. Which basically makes the recruitment process a walk in the park.

Investigation and Verification Specialists
George Arum:

He is a Criminologist by Profession. He holds the position of a Senior Investigator. He holds Master of Arts Degree in Criminology and Social Order from The University of Nairobi and a B.A in Criminology and Security Studies from Egerton University. He has a background in security consultancy and investigations with over fifteen years’ experience in anti-illicit trade investigations in East, Central and West Africa. Mr. Arum has undertaken investigative tasks for Samsung Kenya Limited, Hewlett Packard (HP), Epson, Canon, Glaxo Smith Kline Kenya, BBC, Caterpillar, amongst others. Mr. Arum is also a Certified Fraud Examiner and a member of the prestigious Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) and is also a member of the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS). Locally, he is a member of Professional Trainers Association of Kenya, (PTAK), Kenya Professional Society of Criminology (KEPSOC) and Professional and Safety Association of Kenya (PROSAK).He is currently undertaking his doctoral studies in Security Studies at Kenyatta University.

Leah Gachanja:

She is a Forensic Expert by profession.She holds the positon of a Senior Verification Specialist. She is meticulous and has exemplary fingerprint analysis and classification skills. She also has an open mind, a fast learner with excellent interpersonal and communication skills, which perfectly augments her investigative capabilities. She is pro-technology and a quick learner of new technological skills in forensic science and investigations.

Everlyne Ochola:

She is a Forensic Scientist by profession. She commands great mastery in her field. She holds the position of an Assistant Verification Specialist. A thorough and fastidiously detailed individual with critical thinking abilities, exceptional analytical skills, and sound judgment.

Kechi Kenyatta:

He is a Forensic Scientist by profession, holds the Assistant Verification Specialist position. Thorough and Exceptional analytical skill oriented person. Quick learner of modern forensic tools for conducting investigations.

Mose Hesbon:

He is a Criminologist by profession with high level of verification skills. He holds the position of Assistant Verification Specialist. An ambitious, self -drive,and responsible person with methodical, a can do winning attitude approach to work and strong drive to see things to completion. He uses his level of expertise for investigation and verification of documents.


We are a team leader in human resources management and recruitment. And in turn we market for a strong HR for employers as well. We will help you build an effective team whatever your institution may be. We will help train you on how to effectively recruit potential employees. Our investigations are conducted with complete confidentiality and professionalism, all the while giving you the assurance that the end results will be valuable in safeguarding your human resource investment.

Security and Investigations:

We emphasize in finger printing and documentation analysis. We have specially trained experts in these fields as well as detection of untruthful potential employees. We also put detailed emphasis on document analysis to avoid fraudulent documentation. We will implicitly focus on each individual client based on their market of expertise. This in turn gives us the unique ability on separating each client as an individual and not imposing security practices as a blanket whole!

We have a wonderful team that is truly committed to giving you a great and memorable experience during and after service provision. Our employees are remarkable team players who bring new ideas and strive to establish and maintain strong relationships with our clients. They also work well to give you good turnaround times that are agreed upon by both parties. At Darubini, we want our employees to be happy in their work therefore, we aim to motivate and support them through creating a sustainable and comfortable work environment. Taking care of our employees ensures their commitment in serving you better.