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The need for an effective employee vetting and screening policy and process for Kenyan organisations has never been more vital. By ensuring your policy is watertight you can help avoid expensive mistakes. Weaknesses in your employee vetting procedure can leave your organisation open to bad hires, as well as an extensive risk of fraud, theft and data breaches.

Here are some key issues and concerns for employers:

Can your recruitment team vet candidates successfully?
Are you up-to-date with employment law?
Can your team carry out ongoing checks on employees?
What are your legal obligations to clients?
Are all candidates vetted to the same level?
Can your team recognise fraudulent documents?

Some of the benefits of In-House Training include:

Our in-house training courses are extremely cost-effective and the course content will address your organisation's specific needs, challenges and requirements.

Cost effective: benefit from not having to pay out for travel fees and other expenses associated with attending a public course
Company specific course content: we select appropriate trainers and consultants to guarantee optimum learning and post-training implementation
Great results: we use imagination, expertise and ongoing consultation to ensure the course is of the greatest relevance and that your team are engaged and committed
No travel or time restrictions: you decide when and where the course takes place
Personal and practical: test real-life scenarios and gain expert input and advice
No identity protection issues: scheduling or confidentiality issues are non-existent unlike on a public course
Contact us with your specific training requirements and we shall be glad to serve you.