• Darubini Overview
    Darubini Overview
  • Darubini Overview
    Darubini Overview

Darubini Overview

Darubini was incorporated with the need to make life as easy as possible for all businesses. We do offer a robust employee Vetting & Screening programme which helps organizations minimize the risk of making inappropriate recruitment decisions, which if unchecked, could lead to fraud, dishonesty or misconduct and cause damage to your business brand, reputation and financial losses.

No two organizations are exactly the same and the jobs within them require different competencies, skills, experience and attributes, along with different levels of authority and responsibility. Darubini Vetting and Screening Company offers a range of employment screening services, which help our customers meet their organizational and individual needs.

Our industry experts will take you through your employment screening requirements and recommend the best options for your business. We provide our customers with clear and concise descriptions of the employment screening package components and associated delivery time lines and costs. We maintain regular contact with our customers through structured service reviews, meetings and proactive account management. We have a wealth of experience in developing and implementing background checks and security clearance procedures for companies operating in the private and public sector.

Our objective is to support organizations make safer recruitment decisions based upon facts that can only be obtained from a properly conducted Security Vetting and Screening exercise. At Darubini, we get commissioned to perform Vetting and Screening Services for candidates, pre-employment and during employment by our recruitment agents, companies as well as individuals. We exercise this with professionalism, due diligence, integrity and confidentiality.


A Global leader of excellence in Vetting and Screening Services of all employers.


We exist to provide high quality Vetting and Screening Services to Employers who are our esteemed clients. We commit to deliver memorable experiences to our Clients, a great environment that fosters growth to our employees, a good return to our shareholders, keep our obligation to the authorities and operate responsibly while supporting the community.


  1. Integrity: Always being honest, delivering what we promise and walking the talk.
  2. Excellence: Good isn’t enough. We must consistently and reliably deliver exceptional services. Team work: Must be a team player and commit to deliver the team goals. Be flexible, cooperate and compassionate to others.
  3. Professionalism: We shall be ethical, courteous and civil in how we conduct ourselves as we ensure that we deliver skillfully and competently in our operations and interactions.
  4. Confidentiality: We always treat our client’s information with the utmost confidentiality ensuring that our clients are the only consumers of the information we acquire and not third parties.
Before you hire, make sure you get all the facts about your employees legally, ethically, securely, and quickly. Protect your company, your investment, and most of all your employees.